Invincible demos and rough mixes was selling For 250000$!

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Invincible demos and rough mixes was selling For 250000$!

Post by Nicki on Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:54 pm

Michael Jackson "Invincible" alternate unreleased Album DAT, "June 12, 2001 Mixes". All 15 tracks contain vocals by Michael Jackson. Total play time is approximately 73 minutes and 34 seconds. All recordings are unmastered and feature full studio dynamics. Five tracks are marked "not finished" in red marker and "2000 Watts" is also in that category. "Shout" was omitted from the final release, "You Are My Life" and "Whatever Happens" are not present here. "Threatened" was the last track with Rodney Jerkins and the Teddy Riley songs were all recorded very late. "Heaven Can Wait" is a highlight as Michael can be heard straining his voice - those vocal takes were never released. The song "Threatened" still features the original backing singer in the chorus and "Speechless" was originally the penultimate track on the album. The DAT is in very good condition, all tracks are rough transfers and the quality is nearly perfect with a few glitches that occurred during the transfer. The DAT has a "Not for Production" yellow label. The track listing and notes were handwritten by a studio engineer. This is being sold as a collectible. No copyrights are given or implied. Comes with a Gotta Have Rock & Roll™️ Certificate of Authenticity.


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